Use Cases

Why should I integrate Cronos ID Domains into my product?

Cronos ID Domain Service comprises two key components: Resolver and Reverse-Resolver.

#1 Resolver

Resolver helps look up the wallet address by domain name.

Use Defi Wallet as an example:

Integrating with our Resolver record allows users to simply type in the Cronos ID domain they wish to send funds to, and the app can get the associated wallet address directly.

Users no longer have to type in long and complex wallet addresses. They can now perform transactions with ease and efficiency.

#2 Reverse-Resolver

Reverse-Resolver helps display the Cronos ID domain in replacement of the owner’s wallet address.

Using Minted as an example:

Integrating our Reverse-Resolver record allows users to see their Cronos ID Domain instead of the long and complex wallet addresses.

This improves the user experiences of those who owns multiple wallet addresses, as a human-readable identifier will facilitate toggling between wallet addresses across integrated DApps.

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