1. How do I participate in $CROID Staking Vaults?

First, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Hold at least 1 Cronos ID .cro domain. You can mint your personalised domain here.

  2. Own $CROID for staking. You can purchase the tokens here.

Once done, you can visit this page to start staking. You can learn more about staking using our user guide here.

2. Can I unstake my $CROID rewards before the locking period ends?

No. You can only unstake your deposited $CROID after the locking period has ended.

3. If I sell my domain after staking into the vaults, will the vaults still be running? Will I be able to claim the rewards?

If you have previously staked into the vaults, but later on sell your domain such that you don’t have any other domains in your wallet:

  1. This does not impact the previous vaults you have created. You can still earn rewards from those vaults. However, you will not be able to upgrade your vaults.

  2. This only impacts the future vaults you want to create. You must get a domain (and own $CROID) before you are allowed to create new vaults.

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