Creating sub-domain

Step 1. Go to Cronos ID homepage and click “My Domains”.

Step 2. Next to the parent domain that you want to create sub-domain for, click “Manage”.

Step 3.

(a) If this is your first time creating a sub-domain, click “Approve Sub-domain in wallet” and confirm the transaction approval on your wallet.

(b) Under sub-domain, click “Add”.

Step 4. Enter the desired sub-domain name, e.g. john.cronos.cro

Please double check as you will not be able to edit or delete the sub-domain created!

Step 5. Enter the Controller wallet address. Owner of this wallet address will take ownership of this sub-domain.

Step 6. Click “Confirm and Next” and confirm the transaction approval on your wallet.

Step 7. You have successfully created the sub-domain! You can now view the sub-domain under “My Domains”.

Don’t forget to update the domain profile with your desired social media links and crypto addresses! Click here for the full guide.

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