Notification Integration

The Cronos ID notification service is a B2B service that helps connect the Dapps/Communities and their users. DApp owners can integrate this service to send notifications to their users seamlessly within their DApp and via Telegram.

How It Works

  1. Submit Your DApp info: To integrate with our notification service, you need to fill in this form, and we will provide the channel id and API key for dapp BE to send notifications to your contact email.

  2. Send notification via our API: A REST API endpoint will be exposed by CNS for dApps to send notifications to our platform.

  3. Integrating using our SDK: When a relevant event occurs within the DApp, our service triggers a notification, delivering it to the user's preferred external communication channel (e.g., email, SMS, push notification).

Use Case

In-app notification

Telegram notification

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