Protected Domains Policy

What are Protected Domains?

Protected Domains are words closely associated with well-known entities, products, groups or individuals. The list is set to reserve domains for some of the most recognizable terms globally. Meanwhile, these domains are protected from public minting to prevent brand confusion and potential fraud and phishing.

We will do our best to maintain and expand the list of Protected Domains, which comes from a combination of global top companies, prominent brands, persons, protocols, and terms in the Web3 space. However, with a large and expanding list of global firms and individuals, there may be some domains that may not be covered. We make no promise or guarantee as to the contents of the list of Protected Domains. While we cannot guarantee that all official trade names have already been protected by our protocol, we will endeavour to cover as many as possible, provided that any disputes, conflicts, or ambiguity shall be resolved by the Cronos ID team in its sole and absolute discretion. Please note that once a domain is minted by a user, it is not in the control of the team and cannot be retracted or transferred to other users or wallets by the team.

Why are Protected Domains important?

Reserving these domains will be important as we look to onboard the next wave of firms to Web3. We want to encourage companies to embrace on-chain domains and provide continuity to the brands that these firms have built in Web2. While it is impossible to cover every brand that exists, we want to start by protecting top brands early on to prevent exploitation and fraud as we continue to expand the list.

How can I check if my brand falls under Protected Domains?

If you want to check the domain availability, please visit and search the desired domain using the search bar. You will see the message below if the domain is considered a Protected Domain.

If you need further assistance on this issue, please reach out to us on Discord.

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