Cronos ID Messaging

In current ecosystems, there is a lack of a proper communication channel for users to reach out to each other or connect with teams in a safe and secure manner. Whilst traditional web2 communication mediums serve the purpose of providing a platform to convey a message, the safety of said platforms in the web3 context are often questionable.

Users typically bear the risks of joining fake channels or phishing scams, which can be extremely risky for an inexperienced user with a less comprehensive understanding of online security. There is generally no concrete way to verify the individuals that you are talking to or those behind the wallet addresses you are transacting with.

Cronos ID Messaging Service is a sub protocol of Cronos ID that enables users to reach out to other individuals via wallet addresses or domain names, providing both parties greater assurance of the identity of the person they are communicating with.

Immediate value can be found in:

  • Negotiations for the sales and purchases of NFTs - prospective buyers currently do not have proper verified channels to reach out to NFT owners for negotiations.

  • Community building - where users can reach out to specific wallets and project teams to talk to the right people.

Building upon the base of verified chats on top of blockchain infrastructure, there is further potential to develop a social component of communication services.

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