Minting domain

Step 1. Go to our homepage. Enter the desired domain name and click "Search"

Step 2. After confirming the availability, click "Buy Now" to proceed.


  • We only accept the following:

    • Characters a-z

    • Numerical numbers 0-9

    • Dash symbol "-"

    • Emojis, e.g. 🚀

    • East Asian characters, European characters, and other characters supported in UTF-8 character set

  • Domain names should be at least 3 characters long

  • Emojis with FE0F unicode may experience display issue, so it’s recommended to

    • 1) Double check your domain using the search bar

    • 2) If there’s display issue with the emoji chosen, refrain from minting the domain with that emoji

Step 3. (a) Select the registration period you wish to sign up for. (b) Check the cost of registration and estimated gas fee (c) Check the checkbox if you want to set the domain as a Default Domain. (Read more about Default Domain here) (d) Click "Register" to proceed.

Step 4. Wait for our final check of domain availability.

Step 5. Check your wallet pop-up for transaction approval request. Confirm the transaction details and approve on your wallet.

Step 6. Once the transaction has been approved, minting of the domain will begin. You can see the status by clicking "Track Progress"

Step 7. Congrats! You have successfully minted a new domain. You can now manage the profile of your domain by clicking "Manage Domain". If you wish you re-sell the domain on the NFT marketplace, click "Sell Domain on Minted".

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