Built to be a key infrastructure layer, Cronos ID is set apart from other similar protocols. We are building an entire suite of products and services for our users to be integrated with the broader Cronos ecosystem.

Our roadmap can be split into 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Domain Services

Key Milestones:

  • Domain Services launch and sales

  • Integrations with explorers, wallets and key Cronos protocols

  • $CROID staking module and token launch

In this phase, we will focus on our Domain service, allowing users to buy, mint, and bind their domain name to their wallet addresses. By owning a unique onchain identity, users can contact other users and exchange crypto with ease.

Apart from integration with block explorers and various wallets to enhance transparency and accessibility to our protocol, we will also be partnering with leading protocols in the Cronos ecosystem to drive adoption of our protocol.

We will be launching our own token $CROID as well. More details to come regarding the token circulation and utilities when it's closer to the Token Generation Event.

Phase 2 - Notification Services

Key Milestones:

  • Notification Services launch

  • Integration with distribution channels and key Cronos protocols

  • Developer SDKs to integrate with Cronos ID framework

In Phase 2, we will be introducing Notification services, which is another pillar of Cronos ID.

Using this feature, protocols can improve communications with the community by keeping them updated of the key protocols events, alerts, NFT bids and more directly within the Cronos ecosystem! This helps users skip the manual checking of individual DApps and their respective social media channels for bids or collateral factors.

Similar to Phase 1, we will also be having integration with various distribution channels and key Cronos protocols to empower them with the communication capabilities, while bolstering the foundation and following of Cronos ID.

Developer SDKs will be integrated with our framework, so developers can capitalise on our protocol as well.

Phase 3 - Messaging Services

Key Milestones:

  • Messaging Services launch

  • Enhancement of Notification features

    • Smart messaging features

    • Broadcasting services

    • Additional notification channels

Once the Domain and Notification Services have been launched, we will be introducing Messaging Service in Phase 3, which allows users and projects to connect and communicate with each other in a safe and verifiable environment.

We also want to enrich our Notification Service by introducing smart messaging features and broadcasting services to further enhance the capabilities of our products.

Down the road, there will be further messaging and notification features, together with more integration and partnerships with other protocols.

With our infrastructure, Cronos ID enables self-sovereign identity for Cronos users and facilitates easy cross-communication between protocols. This builds up the strong network effect within the ecosystem to onboard the next billion users onto Cronos.

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