Checking domain availability

1. Go to our homepage. Enter the desired domain name in the search bar and click "Search"


  • We only accept the following:

    • Characters a-z

    • Numerical numbers 0-9

    • Dash symbol "-"

    • Emojis, e.g. 🚀

    • East Asian characters, European characters, and other characters supported in UTF-8 character set

  • Domain names should be at least 3 characters long

2a. If the domain name is available, you will see the message below and you can proceed with buying the domain name directly.

2b. If the domain name is taken, you will see the message below.

You can see the profile of the domain name by clicking "See Profile"

You may also check whether the domain is available for purchase on Minted - our NFT marketplace partner in the Cronos ecosystem - by clicking "Explore Domains on Minted"

2c. If the message shows protected, it means that the desired domain name falls under prominent names and brands that are protected from public minting. You may still check the domain profile by clicking "See Profile"


Emojis with FE0F unicode may experience display issue, so it’s recommended to

  1. Double check your domain using the search bar

  2. If there’s display issue with the emoji chosen, refrain from minting the domain with that emoji

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