$CROID Staking Vaults

$CROID Staking Vaults are LIVE!

If you are a Cronos ID domain holder, you can now deposit $CROID into our staking vaults to earn additional $CROID rewards.

Staking Vaults

There are 4 staking vaults for you to choose from - 1-month, 9-months, 24-months, and 48-months. Each of the vaults has its corresponding boost multiplier to boost your $CROID rewards from the staked tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the boost multiplier hence your $CROID rewards.

Please note that once you have deposited $CROID into the chosen vault, you will not be able to withdraw the tokens before the end of the locking period.

Real Yield

We are supporters of sustainable practices, and that includes staking rewards. These come in the form of $CROID and $wCRO as we want to reward our supporters with real yield. Refer to the table below to understand how the said rewards are distributed:

Domain subscription fee paymentRevenue distribution

User pays in $CROID

  • 40% shared with $CROID stakers

  • 40% sent to treasury

  • 20% burnt

User pays in $CRO

  • 40% shared with $CROID stakers as $wCRO

  • 40% sent to treasury

  • 20% buyback $CROID and burnt

To get started, make sure you have at least 1 Cronos ID domain and some $CROID in your tokens. Click on the links below if you haven’t already got them:

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