Setting Default Domain

Default domain is the primary domain to be used across the DApps that have integrated with us, if you own more than one domain. This will be the default domain to be shown in replacement of your wallet addresses on these DApps, or when users search your wallet address to send you funds on DeFi Wallet.

Setting default domains doesn’t affect the mapping between the other domains you own and the associated wallet address. Please make sure that the addresses in the Domain Profile of your domains are correct and updated. Learn about updating Domain Profile here.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1. Go to Cronos ID homepage and click “My Domains”.

Step 2. Under “Domains” and next to “My Default Domain”, click “Change”.

Step 3. Select the domain you want to set as default domain. Click “Confirm and next” to proceed.

Step 4. Gas fee is required for this action. Confirm the transaction approval on your wallet. Once confirmed, your default domain will be updated.

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