Community Guidelines

We created Cronos ID to allow users to create their own unique non-fungible token (NFT) domain names, with the aim of providing users a Web3 “identity” living on Cronos Chain.

These Community Guidelines are intended as a framework for all who visit and use the services on Cronos ID to nurture an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive and healthy community for anyone and everyone.

We want to foster a fair and transparent platform for all our members, including our Cronos ID team, who may register their own domain names but will not be given special privileges or advantages and are precluded from using any material non-public information for their personal benefit, advantage or purposes on Cronos ID.

Cronos ID is a decentralised application (dApp) and as such, we have no control nor do we assume any liability over domains that have been minted as NFTs, paid for by users or otherwise distributed as digital assets. Transactions through the dApp are irreversible, and once distributed, these domains are irretrievable and any transferred NFTs are irrecoverable.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We will take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any behaviour or content in relation to Cronos ID domains, the Cronos ID team and community, or on Cronos ID social channels that we deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive or harmful, including issuing warnings and suspending/banning accounts, and taking measures to remove, edit, or reject any content that is not aligned with these Community Guidelines.

  • We have established a protected list to reserve domains for some of the most recognisable brands or trade names globally that are closely associated with well known entities, products or individuals. This is to mitigate against the risk of fraud, phishing, impersonation or other types of brand confusion, if someone other than those who own these brands or trade names were to get a hold of these domains.

  • We believe it is important to increase the adoption of Web3 by encouraging and helping these widely known brands embrace this new era of Web3.

  • With an expanding list of growing global firms, brands and individuals, there may be some brands or trade names that are not covered by our protected list. Please visit our Protected Domains Policy for more information.

  • Domain names, including those tokenised as NFTs, are not intended as investments. We make absolutely no promise, representation or guarantee as to the value of these domain names. NFTs may or may not be regulated in your jurisdiction, and you are solely responsible for any tax or other legal implications associated with the receipt, ownership, purchase or sale of any domain names.

As a community member of Cronos ID, here’s what you can/can’t do:

Please do:

  • Express yourself by locking down the perfect domain name!

  • Respect third party rights, including copyright, publicity rights and intellectual property rights.

Please do not:

  • Create domains that may cause brand confusion or promote suicide or self-harm, spread or incite hate or violence, endorse terrorism, hate groups or criminal behaviour, or include profanity or graphic language or overtly sexual language.

  • Create domains that may degrade other persons or brands, or misrepresent another person’s or brand’s involvement.

  • Impersonate another person, commit identity theft, dox another person without their explicit permission.

  • Use our social channels in an unacceptable, offensive or hurtful way, including attempting to phish or hack any other users or members; spreading any misleading or false information or FUD; using profane, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, graphic or otherwise offensive language; or spamming or mistreating members of the Cronos ID team or community.

  • Do anything illegal, fraudulent, unethical or hateful.

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