CROID Quest Campaign

Cronos ID is partnering with Defi Wallet to launch CROID Quest Campaign. Participants can win a share of USD 5000 worth of $CROID by completing the quests through the Defi Wallet app!

Read on to find out more details.

How to Participate

1️⃣ Open Defi Wallet app 📱

2️⃣ Click on the Cronos ID Quest banner

3️⃣ Select a quest

4️⃣ Click "Start Quest" and fulfill the requirements

Terms & Conditions apply.

Mission Period

May 4, 2023 07:00am UTC - May 10, 2023 06:59am UTC

Cronos ID Quest Campaign Terms & Conditions

This “Cronos ID Quest” campaign (the “Campaign”) is offered and administered by Cronos ID, in partnership with the DeFi Wallet. The sponsor and organiser of this Campaign is Cronos ID, which administers all aspects of this Campaign.

To participate in the Campaign, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria and meet the requirements set out in these Official Rules for an Entry during the Entry Period. The “Entry Period” begins on May 4, 2023 07:00am UTC and ends May 10, 2023 06:59am UTC.

The Entry options are as follows, (each an “Entry” and together, the “Entries”):

Quest 1:

Mint a domain name containing at least 5 characters on and subscribe for at least 1 year during the Entry Period;

Quest 2:

Mint a domain name containing 3-4 characters on and subscribe >=1 year;

Quest 3:

Stake $CROID in a Cronos ID vault in one of the following amounts:

a) 1-month vault = $CROID 1,000

b) 9-month vault = $CROID 630

c) 24-month vault = $CROID 380

d) 48-month vault = $CROID 130

during the Entry Period.

Only one Entry per wallet will be considered for Quest 3.

The Rewards are as listed below:

Quest 1

A proportionate share of US$2,500 worth of $CROID based on the number of “Quest 1” Entries, calculated as follows:

Quest 2

A proportionate share of US$1,500 worth of $CROID based on the number of “Quest 2” Entries, calculated as follows:

Quest 3

An equal share of US$1,000 worth of $CROID based on the number of “Quest 3” Entries, calculated as follows:

  • This Cronos ID Quest Campaign (the “Campaign”) is offered by Cronos ID and facilitated by the DeFi Wallet.

  • Whilst the Campaign may be accessed through the DeFi Wallet, any trades and/or transactions for this Campaign are through Cronos ID, an independent dApp that is entirely separate from You understand that your actions on Cronos ID are not governed by or its affiliates and that and its affiliates do not have oversight or control over any trades and/or transactions made on Cronos ID.

  • In addition to the following terms, this Campaign is subject to the DeFi Wallet Missions Terms & Conditions (together with these terms, the “Rules”). By participating in the Campaign, each participant acknowledges and understands it shall comply with the Rules and the decisions of Cronos ID, which are final and binding in all respects.

  • Participation in the Campaign is strictly optional.

  • Users should not undertake any trades that are executed through bad trading practices, including but not limited to, wash trades, false trading, self-dealing, or trades that display any attributes of market manipulation; and any users engaging in bad trading practices will be disqualified.

  • Cronos ID will disqualify any entry from participants who do not meet the eligibility requirements as solely and absolutely determined by Cronos ID.

  • You understand that any Rewards for this Campaign are provided by Cronos ID directly to your DeFi Wallet address only (including any imported wallet addresses).

  • You agree that, if for any reason the rewards are not redeemed 7 days after the end of the rewards distribution period, you will have waived your right to the rewards, and any such rewards will be returned to Cronos ID.

  • Cronos ID is not responsible for paying any additional fees, including gas fees, associated with the redemption or usage of the rewards.

  • Cronos ID reserves the right to cancel the Campaign or amend the Campaign mechanics or rules at any time at our sole discretion without notice to you.

  • In the event of any dispute, Cronos ID reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the campaign.

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