DeFi Wallet integration

Cronos ID is integrated with (CDC) DeFi Wallet!

No more long and complex wallet addresses. You can now send/receive tokens using Cronos ID domain to identify wallets with ease! All tokens on Cronos are supported.

Before you start, make sure you have the CDC DeFi Wallet app and own a Cronos ID domain. If you haven’t minted your domain, click here to get your personalised domain now!

Please also make sure that you have inputted the correct wallet addresses under “Domain Profile” > “Crypto” > “CRO” of the domains you own. (For the detailed guide, see here)

This ensures that the domain is mapped correctly to the CRO wallet address that you wish to link, so the tokens will be sent to the correct wallet address via the Cronos ID domain.

Important Note:

When you perform transactions using Cronos ID domain, e.g. johndoe.cro, the corresponding wallet address will be the one you have manually inputted under “Domain Profile” > “Crypto” > “CRO”

Read more about the features in the user guides below:

  1. If you are using DeFi Wallet mobile app, click here

  2. If you are using DeFi Wallet desktop Chrome extension, click here

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