1. What tokens are supported by this send/receive function integrated on CDC DeFi Wallet?

All crypto assets on Cronos are supported.

2. If I don't have any Cronos ID domain, can I still use the send/receive functions?

Yes. You will still be able to use the functions on CDC DeFi Wallet by following the typical flow, in which you will have to type in sender/recipient's full wallet address.

3. If I don't have any Cronos ID .cro domain, can I still use it as my wallet name (e.g. johndoe.cro)?

Yes. It still functions as a custom wallet name. However, please note that changing your wallet name to .cro domains (e.g. johndoe.cro) does not mean that you have minted and become the owner of the .cro domains.

If you wish to mint a unique .cro domain to represent yourself and your wallet address, visit our website now!

4. My Cronos ID domain has more than 50 characters, but the CDC DeFi Wallet has a character limit of 50. Can I still use Cronos ID within the app?

Wallet name has a character limit of 50. If your Cronos ID domain has more than 50 characters, it will be capped at the 50th character and the rest will not be included in your wallet name. The ".cro" suffix is included in the character count.

Example: This is your Cronos ID domain thisisyourcronosiddomainwithmorethan50characters.cro, and you wish to use this domain as your wallet name.

When you're editing your wallet name, your wallet name will become thisisyourcronosiddomainwithmorethan50characters.c

However, please note that this does not affect the rest of the send/receive functions done via Cronos ID as there is no character limit to the sender/recipient domain name. you can still use the send/receive functions using Cronos ID domains.

5. Under “Domain Profile”, if I enter a CRO wallet address different from the one minting the domain, which wallet address will be used in the transactions?

The one you have manually put in under “Domain Profile”.

Example: John minted johndoe.cro using Wallet A, and inputted Wallet B under the Domain Profile. When Jane tries to send him tokens and enter his domain “johndoe.cro” on CDC DeFi Wallet - Send page, the corresponding wallet address that she will be sending to becomes Wallet B.

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