Setting wallet name

Step 1. Open the CDC DeFi Wallet homepage. Click on the top left wallet icon

Step 2. Click on the wallet drop-down menu

Step 3. Go to the wallet you want to edit the name. Click the “more” icon.

Step 4. Select “Edit Wallet Name”

Step 5. (a) Under “Name”, type in the Cronos ID domain you want to use as your wallet name. (b) Under “Use your Cronos ID”, select the domain available. (c) Click “Continue” to proceed.

Important Notes

  1. If you are the owner of the Cronos ID domain, it will be automatically suggested under “Use your Cronos ID”. Please make sure that you are using the wallet address which has minted the domain.

  2. If you are not the domain owner (e.g. cronosid.cro), you may still use the inputted name as your wallet name. This will function as the typical custom wallet name.

  3. Wallet name has a character limit of 50. If your Cronos ID domain has more than 50 characters, it will not be used to replace your wallet name, as it exceeds the character limit. The domain name will be capped at the 50th character. However, you can still use the send/receive functions via Cronos ID.

  4. If you wish to use other names as your wallet names, you can simply input the desired wallet name without selecting the suggested Cronos ID domain that you own.

Step 6. Your wallet name has been successfully updated to the Cronos ID domain you have selected.

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